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Fasten your seatbelts and accelerate your way to the finish line in this incredible racing game
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Developed by Feamber in 2019, City Racing 2 is a highly entertaining and competitive street racing game in which you’ll test your driving skills and square up against top drivers to determine who’s the best. The game has no particular story to it since it’s an arcade game in which you’ll simply race against other racers but there are a variety of other game modes to enjoy such as 1v1 racing, classic races with multiple contestants, timing mode, and numerous other exciting game modes for players to enjoy. The overall gameplay is highly enjoyable especially due to the top-quality visuals that the game has to offer because you’ll have the chance to race on a variety of different tracks, all of which are surrounded by breath-taking environments so you’d certainly enjoy that aspect of the game as well. You can download the game to your PC from the Windows store, or play it on your phone.

There’s also a variety of cars to choose from since the game carries a car collection of more than 50 exotic sports cars but you’ll have to win races or complete objectives in order to unlock those cars so that brings a factor of excitement in the game too and also provides a satisfying sense of progression. You also get to customize your car in the garage by winning races and earning money so if you feel the need to install something in your car that can help your car get better, you can add power-ups like nitrous, better tires, engine advancements, and several other upgrades that will make your car much faster and easier to control.

All things considered, City Racing 2 is a spectacular 3D racing game that provides a high level of competiveness and excitement to the players so if you’re into racing games, you should check this out.