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Choose a pet of your preference and care for it with all your heart in this captivating pet simulation game.
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The genre of pet simulation games is an extremely vast one that sees exciting new games almost every other day but DOFUS Pets is a game that has definitely raised the bar for it as a whole. This is a game that’s filled with a variety of features and activities and provides what is perhaps the most engaging pet simulation experience that you can get right now which is why we highly recommend checking it out. You can play this game on your PC using the Bluestacks Android emulator, or on your mobile phone

In DOFUS Pets, you’ll get to adopt your own pet by choosing from various different options and, once you’ve adopted a pet, you’ll get to interact with it and care for it in a variety of different ways. You must feed your pet, train it and even take extra care of it in case it ever gets sick. Your pet will also eventually be able to evolve into one of six different evolutions and this is an extremely satisfying thing to watch. DOFUS Pets also comes with a wide variety of engaging mini-games for players to enjoy alongside their pets.

The graphics of DOFUS Pets are nothing short of spectacular. The game features detailed looking pets, the environments themselves are gorgeous, the mini-games have appealing designs and everything’s been animated quite smoothly thereby leading to a highly immersive experience. Overall, pet simulation fans are definitely recommended to give DOFUS Pets a shot.