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War has a new face and it’s about to get heavy in this intense shooter game.
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Warface is a modern online multiplayer first-person shooter game. After being released for a little more than a decade, the game has finally changed its status to free to play somewhat recently. It is time to hop into the chaotic battlefield and show off what you are made of. Take your pick of the large arsenal of modern warfare weaponry and hone your first-person shooter skills to face up against the best in the world. Experience the compelling story of the PvE missions and join in on the action-packed PvP modes for a blast.

The core gameplay of Warface is a team-based multiplayer shooter game where players are divided into groups to shoot it out in the various game modes. For the game modes, you actually have more than a dozen choices at your disposal. Looking at the PvP side, you have Team Deathmatch, which is your typical two teams fight it out till one reaches the points needed, or once the timer runs out. Another classic PvP mode is Plant the Bomb. This time, players are divided into two teams which are the attacking and defending teams, where the attacking team attempts to plant a timed bomb and ensure its detonation, while the defending team does whatever it can to prevent that.

There are just too many game modes available to go through all of them here, so you can just take your time to explore them all once you’ve got the game. Moving on, it’s best to touch a bit on the classes of characters you can select, each playing a role in the team’s success in battle. These classes include the Rifleman, Medic, Engineer, Sniper, and SED. From charging in with a frontal assault to reviving your downed teammates, and even setting mines and traps, there are many ways for players to get creative with how they want to approach each match in Warface.

Overall, Warface is a pretty fast-paced FPS that will never run out of action and fun for its players. Head on over to Steam and get this one for free now.