Top Speed: Drag Car Racing

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Race like a true professional and take over the streets with your skills behind the wheel with this amazing racing game.
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Top Speed: Drag Car Racing is your new HD adventure in the Racing world; this great title is all about defeating talented drivers to prove that you’re the best. If you want to become a street legend, Top Speed: Drag Car Racing is offering you this chance. Upgrade and customize your car, if you want to have a chance in the charts and win sponsors. You can download the game to your PC from the Windows store, or play it on your phone.

When it comes to racing games, we really love high quality graphics because they allow us to immerse in the game and feel like we’re actually behind the wheel. While this game might not feel like the traditional racing game, it does have a completely insane playability, in which you’ll have to train your timing to apply your gearbox changes on the right moment.

Thanks to the amazing camera angles and realistic controls, it is really easy to enjoy this game and makes you want to race for hours. If you rank up in the charts, you’ll attract sponsors and skilled bosses who will try to stop you from going forward. Even though Top Speed: Drag Car Racing focuses only on sprint races, it takes a lot of practice and upgrades to make you and your vehicle real beasts on the road.

You’ll have to use your money wisely, but don’t worry because if you want to keep playing even when you’re out of gas to run or money to upgrade, you can buy those with real money; pricing is pretty decent.

If you were looking for a racing game to have hours and hours of high speed fun, you definitely have to download Top Speed: Drag Car Racing, since this title offers a wide selection of cars, tracks, challenges, upgrades and so much more.