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Choose your rogue and dive into the battlefield with style to dominate the competition.
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Rogue Company is a team-deathmatch style first-person shooter game developed by First Watch Games and published by Hi-Rez Studios. Join in on the action as agents of the Rogue Company and battle it out to see who has what it takes to be the best. Accept the mission and team up with other players to duke it out in hardcore shooter PvP action. Test out all the high-grade weaponry and cutting-edge gadgets and make things even more lively in the arena.

The core gameplay of Rogue Company is a team-based online PvP FPS game. Before jumping into the game, players will get to choose a character from a diverse roster of rogue mercenaries which are further segregated into different classes such as the Breachers, the Intel, the Support, and the Duelists. As you can already guess, each class has its own unique perks and abilities to serve its role in a team. Of course, you will still be firing guns at your opponents for the most part of it, so picking out a suitable loadout before entering a match is vital. You can arm yourself with a good range of primary weapons such as assault rifles, marksman rifles, shotguns, and many more.

Aside from the primary weapon, there is also a plethora of other equipment you can mess around with. The secondary weapon, usually a pistol of some variation, is perfect for a quick swap when your primary weapon is out of bullets. The Melee slot allows you to hold one of many interesting weapons such as the throwing axe. Players can also equip all sorts of gadgets to give them a tactical advantage on the battlefield, such as the smoke grenade and C4. And with enough cash stored up, you can also look into the Perks which are extremely helpful abilities to give you that edge you need to win.

In terms of the technical side of things, Rogue Company has pretty high-quality graphics and well-designed levels and characters. The BGM really gets you into the mood of a team-based PvP situation and gets the adrenaline pumping. There are a few unique game modes that you can enjoy such as the Demolition mode, the 6v6 Deathmatch, the 4v4 Strikeout, and ranked matches as well.

To sum it all up, Rogue Company is a really solid online PvP FPS game that will definitely get you hooked once you’ve tried it. Head on over to Steam to get this one for free now.