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Get behind the wheel and go on a drag race in Nitro Nation Drag & Drift, one of the best F2P mobile racing games.
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Get behind the wheel and go on a drag race in Nitro Nation Online, one of the best F2P mobile racing games. You can download the game to your PC from the Windows store, or play it on your phone.

Tune, modify, and race dozens of licensed cars from Mazda, Alfa Romeo, and BMW.

Create the best-looking and fastest car, compete with your rivals, win tournaments, and play online against other players!

Nitro Nation Online follows the format of CSR Racing, wherein you drive a straight line and change gears when the dial on your “rev meter” strikes the green area. Though this type of gameplay might put off racing game purists who prefer steering as opposed to merely “timing your taps”, it is incredibly addictive and once you start playing, you will find it hard to put down. The game is mainly composed of the repetitive process of racing AI and real-life opponents, and modding your cars. Sure, it may be grindy, but it’s the fun kind of grind.

In terms of the visuals, saying Nitro Nation overdid themselves is an understatement. The graphics are close to console-level, and the each car is precisely depicted, from the tint of the windshield, up to the bulbs on the headlights. The in-game race environments are beautifully well done, and weather effects like lightning are nothing short of exceptional. Furthermore, nighttime races are spectacular: the light effects stand out, creating a visual experience on mobile platforms other games are unable to provide. The soundtrack also fits the entire drag racing environment.

That being said, the vehicles look extremely slick, comparable to the ones you see in showrooms. Note that the cars in the game are licensed, and some models that you can avail include the Volkswagen Golf, a few Mazda cars, and a number of BMWs. You might even encounter your dream car in the game! However, due to the “grindy” nature of the game, you’ll need to continuously race and earn rewards to avail of these cars.

Like ALL racing games, your goal in Nitro Nation Online is simple: get to the finish line faster than your opponents. The races will start after you tap the gas meter, and your only task is to tap on the shift button. Basically, you’ll need to time your taps precisely: once it hits the green spot on your RPM, tap it and your nitro will be launched. By doing so, you will get a great burst of speed, leaving your opponents biting your dust.

The controls may appear to be simple, but it’s incredibly hard to master, especially if you’re new to the game. Moreover, each car has a different sweet spot, and upgrading a car will change the sweet spot, giving you a new experience each time. Reflexes and hand-eye coordination is needed to go far in the game, so you’ll need to hone both of these skills.

Another bright spot in Nitro Nation Online is its social and multiplayer elements. Though AI opponents are challenging enough, playing against real-life players in tournament races mode. You may even trade car parts with other players to help build your dream car! Speaking of car parts, the wide range of customization options available in Nitro Nation is astonishing. With dozens of customizable cars, you won’t get tired of trying to make your car look like the boss of the road, especially after you’ve seen the pristine cars made by the other members of the community!

So, should you be playing Nitro Nation Online? It’s a fantastic drag racing game with deep, immersive gameplay, impeccable soundtrack, and outstanding visuals. However, you’ll need to have Internet access to be able to play it, and you’ll have to deal with long loading times. Regardless, it’s one of the must-play mobile games today, whether you regularly play similar games in the genre or not.