Magic Siege

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Save your precious home from the invaders using the powers given to you by the big necromancers with this addictive game.
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Being one of the most powerful sorcerers of the realm comes with a big responsibility, since now evil creatures came back from the dead to destroy the village and you’re the only one strong enough to defeat them. The more undeads you kill, again, the more power you’ll win; use it to defeat the hordes of zombies. You can download the game to your PC from the Windows store, or play it on your phone.

If you think the guys from The Walking Dead had it rough, imagine being just one person against huge armies of non-living creatures. Well Magic Siege paints this scenario very well, but don’t worry because you’ll have no need to rely on guns and katanas to take down the zombies, since you have magic on your side.

That’s right, Magic Siege is the answer to what would happen if we put Gandalf in a zombie apocalypse? He would toast those suckers with some fire balls, that’s what would happen. In Magic Siege you’re the final line of defense against hundreds of zombies; so you’ll need to use your magic stick to prevent the zombies from going inside the castle.

This is no easy task, since you’ll have to wait some time while your magic charges, but luckily you can count with different options, magic weapons and spells to stop those leg-dragging monsters. Every time you eliminate a zombie you collect coins; use these coins to upgrade your weapons and buy items like better magic robes, magic potions and other magic stuffs that will help you face even bigger threats.

Even though Magic Siege is not the most complex game, it is quite addictive and fun to play, since there is nothing better than throwing dozens of lightning bolts at zombies. So go ahead and try it for yourself.