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Cook up a real festival to liven up the city with an awesome mood and cuisine.
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Cooking Festival is a casual time management game brought to you by BoomBit. Pack your bags and bid farewell to your loved ones, for it is time to go on a cooking adventure around the globe. Find the perfect spot and set up your very own food stall, cafe, and even restaurant. Pick up the pace and serve customers of all ages and ethnicity. So, do you have what it takes to be the master chef of an entire chain of restaurants?

The core gameplay of Cooking Festival is the simulation of how to manage an entire eatery by yourself. From taking down orders, preparing the food and beverages, and serving them up in a timely manner, it is all within your responsibility. Customers will be coming and going all the time, and it is up to you to pay attention to the details and serve the customers what they want before they lose their patience. Of course, this does not detract from the fact that you will be having a grand time cooking and serving up all sorts of exquisite and exotic dishes whether they may be homemade pancakes, aromatic Italian pizzas, and even fluffy ice cream.

Set your own tempo and get to making those orders in an orderly fashion so you won’t panic. Each customer has his or her own list of things, and you can simultaneously prepare the food and drinks to save time as well. Be wary that every customer has a gauge beside them which will indicate how much patience they have left, and grumpy customers may just end up leaving without waiting for their order.

In terms of graphics, Cooking Festival has a very pleasing aesthetic be it the restaurant and places you can visit or the mouth-watering food it presents. Couple the vibrant colors and tantalizing dishes with an upbeat and catchy BGM, and you’ll be hooked on the game before you know it.

Overall, Cooking Festival is a pretty neat time management game about creating your own restaurant empire. Head on over to Steam to grab this one for free and dive into it now.